The Company

Our Mission

We are an innovative company that delivers business software solutions to local and international organizations

Every business is starting with an idea or a mission to build something that will make the world better. But how to realize it is the major problem. Most people have expectation that the road is straightforward with no obstacles, but for good or bad the reality is different. The mission of our company is to provide the best tools to help every business scale. We believe in:

  • Automation of processes95%
  • Share of information inside or outside of the company98%
  • Test your ideas daily with your customers90%
  • Collaborate with the right people to reach your goals92%
  • Collect information of your daily steps97%
  • Analyze the data to get on the best road as making informed choices91%

Our Vision

We see ourselves as the team that helps you get things done

Who is Frikwel?

This is the guy that can help you in every step. He is dedicated to follow the best practices to get you one step further in your future growth.
He is not real and he is not built with artificial intelligent neither. The people that stay behind the concept are the ones who will help him give you the best advice and be with you at every stage of your company progress.

Why Frikwel?

Because of the base formula that has worked great in the last few years:

Share + Collaborate = SUCCESS

we believe nowadays there is already a definition called “Frik”. It is coming from “freak”, but taking only the positive meaning of it. Friks could be easily described as “people who know what they are best in, those who love their work and want to bring it to the world, always respected from their colleagues”.
We also think that there are two main groups of people called “Friks”:


Dreamers — or the people with ideas. Every good idea can make the world better and for sure will find followers who will help you make it real. If you believe in your idea, you should first test it against the market and check its potential. If the idea is good enough, you will gain investors, followers, customers and a lot of profit for everybody.


Machines —again taking only the best meaning of the word. These are the people from the real world. They want to touch the things with their hands and build something from zero. They want always to work on the best ideas, to produce the most interesting things ever made by investing all the passion they have.

Our company vision starts with the message “Welcome, Frik!” as our main concept is to find the best partners, collaborators and employers, related to the specifics of our services and take our friend Frikwel on the next level. Our next goal will be to build a network of Friks, where they will find each other, share their ideas and start working together easily.

Our Team

Designed to provide all-in-one business management solution that's easy to use and adapt

Boyan Petkov

CTO & Founder

The person who stays behind the idea and the execution of the product. Dreamer who loves his work, trying to make the world better place for doing business.

Galya Nencheva

Creative Director & Founder

The person who stays behind the design of the product. Dreamer who believes that to be successful every good idea needs to be dressed in beautiful interface.

Partnership Program

Join our partnership program and let´s grow together

We are looking for enthusiastic and future oriented partners to help us improve and spread our products. If you are a freelancer, small company or any experienced corporation and want to build the future with us - see our Partnership Program and let's get in touch. By cooperating, we believe in the win-win opportunity of sharing experience, knowledge and ideas. We will do our best to help you achieve your goals and complete your projects. From your side, we will appreciate every help to contact us with the right people, help us improve our products and services, work together to completely satisfy our customers’ requirements.

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What’s next

Empower everyone to innovate with one platform

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