FrikiTables Migration

Migration of Old System to FrikiTables

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You need a new better software solution for your business, but you have already invested a lot of time and money to develop tons of logic in your current software. It is always a hard decision to stop using the old system and switch to something new. Usually it means to start building all of the logic from scratch.

We will make this decision easier - switching to our application will not only make your managers live easier, but it will reuse all the logic and connection you have already created. FrikiTables is built to be configured with no-code user interface for easy define and operate with models. All of its custom business logic is based on Microsoft technologies. This means that if your old software is also based on Microsoft technologies, we can easily inject the old business logic in our product. FrikiTables is built to easily communicate. This means that if your old platform is open for communication, you can use our interface to call operations from your obsolete software system.

No more expensive and time-consuming development. Such migration will save you money. On the other hand, you will receive easy to configure and manage system with no-coding intuitive interface, that every end-user can start work with it in no time. Contact us now and get your consultation.

What This Service Include


Detailed business analysis — we provide detailed business analysis on your processes, on the obsolete software logics and information flows, discus with you potential changes, follow up with you all the requirements and specific stages of the process.


Software configuration — we will create the architecture of the application, based on the process design and how the system will be used in the future. We will prepare with you the needed environment (production and development) on the dedicated infrastructure (private servers or clouds). We will discuss and write down the integration procedure to minimize the efforts of your future updates.


Implementation — after the configuration is already prepared, we will start implementing the project within your company real data. We will migrate the information, the logics and the workflows from your obsolete system as in the same time build the communication with all the others business software.


Testing, bug fixing — we can migrate your old tests or prepare new ones wherever it is needed. This step is required if you work on a dynamic project. It ensures that everything works properly and won't get unexpected behavior on releasing of new updates.


Training — we know how important is the software solution to be used in its full potential. We understand that it requires our customers to be well known with every aspect of the product. Because of that, we provide regularly updated documentation as well as training of the key users of each project. Everything is kept stupid simple including our no-code user interface, that helps you easily configure and control all the models.


Support — at the end, we cover all the requirements of the projects by providing an implementation support service. It ensures that your logic will work as expected. Our team will move your support issues with first priority and give you the confident to integrate the project in front of your end-users with minimum efforts.

What Else We Offer as a Service

Individual Approach

The quality of services during each stage of the project remain unchanged


Analysis and Design

Together, we will analyze your business process in details and mark out the key problems that need improvement. Then we will prepare proposed solution including process design documentation, infrastructure environment and demo project if needed.



We start developing the designed solution as each evening we will update its daily progress. You can monitor the project state and step in at any time. All of our custom logic services are quality proved as they come with all unit tests included.



The solution is moved for acceptance testing on a customer server or on our cloud service. During the test, we can help you with some organized trainings to the project key users. If you prefer, we can include automated tests based on the required scenarios.


Go-live and Support

The production environment is set and the solution go live. We can help you with additional training and assisting of end-users during their first work with the system. Another approach is to take advantage of the provided support services.

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