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Build Communication With Other Systems

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As experts in process automation we know how important is all business software to communicate with each other, as it doesn't matter if we talk about horizontal or vertical layers. Because of that our product is built to easily provide web services to all of the configured models. On the other hand it is ready to open remote connections to most of the outer software products.

Even that, every application needs to be set up to start using the information flows coming from the different systems. As experts we provide the communication service to ensure that with minimum efforts you will have access to all the data you need and use it for any purpose - sharing data, reporting, budgeting, tracking, etc.

What This Service Includes


Detailed business analysis — we will create detailed analysis of the information flow that requires to be prepared between the software solutions you have in your company. Our experts will discuss with you all the events that could be used to ensure high security and data reliability.


Software platform configuration — based on the requirements we will design the information flow architecture. Our integration team will prepare the models that have to be provided and configure the security.


Implementation — we will start implementing the communication first using a test solution to ensure that the information flows come as expected. When it is approved that work correctly and your team accepts the results, we will integrate it on the live project with the real data flows.


Testing, bug fixing — if you plan to continue develop your outer communication, minimize the time for quality check and require additional security of the information flows, we offer to add some automated tests to avoid facing unexpected behavior on releasing of new updates.


Support — at the end, we cover all the requirements of the projects by providing an implementation support service. It ensures that your logic will work as expected. Our team will move your support issues with first priority and give you the confident to integrate the project in front of your end-users with minimum efforts.

What Else We Offer as a Service

Individual Approach

The quality of services during each stage of the project remain unchanged


Analysis and Design

Together, we will analyze your business process in details and mark out the key problems that need improvement. Then we will prepare proposed solution including process design documentation, infrastructure environment and demo project if needed.



We start developing the designed solution as each evening we will update its daily progress. You can monitor the project state and step in at any time. All of our custom logic services are quality proved as they come with all unit tests included.



The solution is moved for acceptance testing on a customer server or on our cloud service. During the test, we can help you with some organized trainings to the project key users. If you prefer, we can include automated tests based on the required scenarios.


Go-live and Support

The production environment is set and the solution go live. We can help you with additional training and assisting of end-users during their first work with the system. Another approach is to take advantage of the provided support services.

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