Comprehensive Services

Control everything from one place - keep the workflow smooth and optimized

We provide regulated management of the implementation processes and quality supervision over the services we provide. Our consultants act with an individual approach towards our different projects, as we believe each project has its unique characteristics and our aim is to meet our customers' specific requirements at best. For us it is important the quality to remain the same for every stage of every different project. Upon accessing your data, your employees have strictly-defined rights for system access, project implementation and follow-up support. Our purpose is to provide the maximum security for your business processes, as well as data protection.

Individual Approach

The quality of services during each stage of the project remain unchanged


Analysis and Design

Together, we will analyze your business process in details and mark out the key problems that need improvement. Then we will prepare proposed solution including process design documentation, infrastructure environment and demo project if needed.



We start developing the designed solution as each evening we will update its daily progress. You can monitor the project state and step in at any time. All of our custom logic services are quality proved as they come with all unit tests included.



The solution is moved for acceptance testing on a customer server or on our cloud service. During the test, we can help you with some organized trainings to the project key users. If you prefer, we can include automated tests based on the required scenarios.


Go-live and Support

The production environment is set and the solution go live. We can help you with additional training and assisting of end-users during their first work with the system. Another approach is to take advantage of the provided support services.

Easy setup and
anywhere access
Intuitive user
Flexible and
extensible application
Fast and
personalized service

End-to-end Project Service Starts Here

Customize, extend and build all the logic you need


Better data for better decisions

We build intelligence into your decision making, and achieve better results

Ability to integrate to any business model

Our strong background is a solid base that help us to provide you with the best solution for your industry and business by integrate the system with your specific business model.

Affordable cost

With one application you get all tools you need to manage your business and keep the workflow smooth and clean. You are saving money and time on integration, custom development, server hardware and cloud services.

Collaboration with other systems

This application is built to communicate - it is easy to set it up to collect data and collaborate with outer systems.

Built as a framework

It's easy to start using already proved integrated modules by other teams with zero efforts. We appreciate sharing of workflow modules between companies with similar business processes.

Reliable and quick support

By purchasing licensed version of the application, you receive documented software as well as our quick and personalized support for any needs that you may face.