Product Advantages

Cross-platform web application that covers all aspects of managing your business processes

Our application is here to help you manage your processes in easy. It is flexible and intelligent just like your business should be. It covers all aspects in your time and resources management. We believe every company has its own ideas, business attitude and culture. Normally the specific business should follow the dedicated software solutions (CRM, ERP, BI, MOM, etc.). Our big advantage is that we can reverse it and make the models follow your business ideas.

End-to-end Application

Designed to provide all-in-one business management solution that's easy to use and adapt


FrikiTables is a robust software and yet pretty simple to use application. It was designed to be used by every person in the company - no matter of education, qualification or position. This app covers all your needs - collecting data tables, saving and editing texts, organizing and sharing document and images, using charts to visualize data, and much more. Check our core feature and see how FrikiTables fits your business models:


Stupid-simple — everybody can use the application - it takes just few minutes to get to know the interface and start using it like a Pro.


Unlimited scaling — easy and fast adding new models to the exciting logic and scale the platform to the size you need without any limitation.


Fast and easy integration — the integration of new management system has never been so easy. With this application you can integrate your custom business models faster than ever.


Perfect communication with other systems — connect the application with the existing systems in your company, so you can collect and send information from/to them.


Minimized the hardware cost — as a cross-platform application, it helps you minimize your hardware cost. Instead of investing in expensive server configuration, you can use our application with any cloud service.

FREE for Single-level Management

Share for FREE information, documents, workflows and much more in small teams


Download our product for FREE

Free unlimited use of the platform for developers and administrators. Unlimited team and process models scale without paying any licenses.


Easily build your business models

Build and manipulate your screens, configure all elements and controls, create connection between them through codeless user interface.


Create your custom logic without efforts

Write your custom business models or import them from other system. Easily connect them with the existing logic, switch them on or off at any time.


Share information in a small team

All company members have the access to view and modify the information, which helps small teams to collaborate on same project at the same time.

Easy setup and
anywhere access
Intuitive user
Flexible and
extensible application
Fast and
personalized service

Partnership Program

Join our partnership program and lets grow together

We are looking for enthusiastic and future oriented partners to help us improve and spread our products. If you are a freelancer, small company or any experienced corporation and want to build the future with us - see our Partnership Program and let's get in touch. By cooperating, we believe in the win-win opportunity of sharing experience, knowledge and ideas. We will do our best to help you achieve your goals and complete your projects. From your side, we will appreciate every help to contact us with the right people, help us improve our products and services, work together to completely satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Comprehensive Services

Help you to control everything from one place - to keep the workflow smooth and optimized

Start your new project with FrikiTables - grow faster

Switch to our application and boost your process efficiency. FrikiTables is an easier and cleaner way to setup and update any business model. Start your new system without effort and save time of developing complicated buggy projects.


Analyse and reengineering — We will ask the right questions. We will help you build your project design. Together we will describe the logic that you want to have, prepare some demos, find out where are the bottlenecks. We will define together how your data has to be structured and what is the right interface for your users that can be integrated with minimum efforts.


Implementation — We guarantee first-class business software services in your organization. We apply established methodology where all stages of the implementation process are predefined and the standards are set for each executed activity. At the end of each step, we can discuss the collected information about it and try to improve the next one. For us, every customer has its own individuality and we will never forget that.


Integration — We will help you with the right steps to bring the new project live with minimum efforts. We will prepare some trainings for you and your employers, partners and customers, to better understand the simplicity of working with your new system.


Support — Our team will always be on the same track to help you improve the organization of your processes. Our support services are designed to keep the project flow smooth and let you concentrate on the important things - doing your "business art".

We will appreciate to collect all your advices and feedback to help us understand all of your business specifics. Our first mission is to work in a direction for completely satisfying your future requirements before you get there.

Better data for better decisions

We build intelligence into your decision making and achieve better results

Ability to integrate to any business model

Our strong background is a solid base that help us to provide you with the best solution for your industry and business by integrate the system with your specific business model.

Affordable cost

With one application you get all tools you need to manage your business and keep the workflow smooth and clean. You are saving money and time on integration, custom development, server hardware and cloud services.

Collaboration with other systems

This application is built to communicate - it is easy to set it up to collect data and collaborate with outer systems.

Built as a framework

It's easy to start using already proved integrated modules by other teams with zero efforts. We appreciate sharing of workflow modules between companies with similar business processes.

Reliable and quick support

By purchasing licensed version of the application, you receive documented software as well as our quick and personalized support for any needs that you may face.

What’s next

Empower everyone to innovate with one platform

If you like what you see here - it is time for the next step. We are here to meet all your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision. Make a step further by taking one of the actions below.


Download our product, try it and integrate it by yourself

You have a lot of experience with business management software - great! So you are good to go - download the application and implement it yourself.

Download FrikiTables


Get Consultation for your business implementation

You have multi-level business models with tons of different processes and different user rights or just have no idea how to integrate the product yourself - we are here to help you.

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